Specializing in research and development of new processes and improvement of process flow
  • Production equipment

    It has a professional design and research center, more than 100 sets of production equipment and testing equipment, including CAD plate making equipment, template machine, sizing and ironing equipment, domestic advanced sewing machines and other special equipment.

  • Improve quality

    The company has advanced modern production equipment and perfect quality management system. The enterprise has a professional scientific research team, specializing in the research and development of new processes and the improvement of process flow.

  • Technical services

    The company insists on using advanced technology and management process, first-class product quality and meticulous service to win the trust of customers. We have produced different styles of clothing for more than 60 enterprises, and customer satisfaction has reached more than 96%.


Keep promises, provide sincere services, achieve business vision and create commodity value

Anhui Yilong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

TEL:+86-0561-3071177 +86-13705616936

Address:300 meters east of Daihe Street, Gaoyue Street, Duji District, Huaibei City, Anhui Province


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